The Foundation MI CUERPO ES MI HISTORIA (My Body Is My Story) was founded in 2014 in the city of Cali, Colombia and in 2019 in the city of Miami, Florida by artists and humanists who promote the arts and scenic performance as vehicles for enhancing psychological, and physical health in society. It works through the performing arts, creative therapies, research methods, and cooperativism.


To promote art and the scenario as vehicles of personal and community transformation. With empowerment through psychosocial intervention, and artistic education. 


Potentialize the mental health of vulnerable children and adolescents in situation of vulnerability through resilience programs that use creative therapies and psychosocial intervention as methods of healing. 


In 2030 MCMH will be an organization that leads and promotes processes of social and personal transformation through the art, and scenic performance with people in situations of social and psychological vulnerability. It will be recognized for its commitment, its creative, therapeutic, and investigative approach to childhood and adolescents.




Colombian professional salsa teacher and dancer with 8 years of experience in Colombia and the United States (Swing Latino, Combination Rumbera, Tropical Swing, SanforDance, Javeriana University, Colegio Odontológico de Cali, Mi cuerpo es mi historia foundation, Florida Dance Center, etc.). World Champion of Salsa with Rumbera Combination in the Elite Cabaret Groups Category at the World Salsa Festival Cali 2017. Psychologist from Universidad Javeriana, with contributions in the field of dance therapy. Recognized for her Research on dance as a therapeutic tool (3 articles published in scientific journals), (Young researcher Colciencias, 2012, Ministry of Culture 2013 / Ministry of Culture 2016). Current Director of Fundación Mi Cuerpo es Mi historia.

Dr. Ahmed Alnahhas 


Dr. Alnahhas is a primary care physician. He was born and raised in beautiful Miami, FL. Dr. Alnahhas completed his higher education at Florida International University, where he graduated with Cum Laude honors and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences. Dr. Alnahhas’ main passion is volunteerism and community service. He is a part of and volunteers with many prestigious organizations such as Best Buddies, the Salvation Army, Camillus House, Ronald McDonald House, and more! This passion ignited his journey into the medical field, where he attended Ross University School of Medicine in pursuit of his Doctor of Medicine degree. Dr. Alnahhas joined the Miami, FL chapter of MCHC in 2020 as one of its three board members in order to help, assist and grow the organization globally.

quintin scott


I am the director of the office of Mi Cuerpo Es Mi Historia in Miami, FL, USA. Since 2016, I have been a volunteer with the foundation working on developing workshops for children and youth in Cali and Ladrilleros (Valle del Cauca, Colombia). I foresee future growth of MCMH here in the USA and in Colombia.

Alexandra Arango

Financial Administrator

I believe in the power of transformation and the reduction of inequality gaps in the world, through education and the construction of networks. For this reason, my professional work has been oriented towards training and contributing to the empowerment of communities. I am a business administrator with emphasis in marketing and psychology training. I have experience in community work processes and accompaniment to social and grassroots organizations.

Hillary Andrea Copete Riascos

Pedagogical and research team professional

I am a psychologist, I believe in dreams and fulfilled goals, in art as a rainbow of social transformation. I have had the opportunity to share and transmit through my words and some writings, the experiences around the sexuality of afro men, sexually diverse, and with women and men who rethink parenting in different ways.

yuri vanessa mañunga serna

salsa teacher

I have 11 years of experience as a dance instructor, I am a hardworking and cheerful person, in my free time I like to have fun, travel, learn about new cultures and dance, I love my profession and I love to leave a mark and a meaningful learning that can bring a smile to each student, while I transmit my knowledge about dance.

Yilson iván lucumí ortíz

salsa teacher

I am a professional salsa dancer with 14 years of experience, of which I have worked 6 years as a dance teacher. I love music, video games, traveling, learning about new cultures and of course, teaching our Cali culture around the world.

alejandra zuluaga


I am a dancer for 10 years, I have participated in salsa events in the city of Cali as the World Salsa Festival, the Salsodromo of the Cali Fair and the reception of the Pan American players, I have work experience in my field in countries like Turkey and Egypt and I am a responsible person, committed, cheerful and with a deep love for my profession.

sofia murillo

salsa teacher

I have been a professional dancer for more than 15 years, I have experience in popular rhythms and caleña salsa and I have always worked to transmit my knowledge with love and dedication.

cristian alexander patiño arteaga

salsa teacher

I have an experience as a dance teacher for 14 years and I was a professional dancer for 3 years, I am a patient, calm person, I like to work in a team and I am always willing to help, my dream is to take my knowledge to other places in the world.

Jazmid selene arévalo medina

salsa and humanization line coordinator

In recent years I have worked in different tasks, among them, as a community leader in the township of Ladrilleros in Buenaventura, working with children, adolescents and mothers who are heads of household, I am a happy person, committed to my goals and dreams, I love cooking, dancing and social work, therefore, I try to enjoy everything I do and do it in the best possible way.



Social Communicator and Journalist. I am passionate about creating content that connects, inspires, and leaves a lasting message. A lover of travel, I see each adventure as an opportunity to explore, learn, and immerse myself in new cultures. Since 2021, I have been part of the MCMH foundation, contributing to the creation of graphic content for social media and designing communication and marketing strategies. My purpose is to support the achievement of the foundation’s goals and give visibility to all the initiatives it promotes.



I’m a digital marketing expert with a rich 10-year journey, during which I’ve had the privilege of working with Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses spanning various industries. My professional path has been driven by an unwavering passion for digital marketing and design, where I’ve honed my skills to create effective, visually engaging campaigns. Beyond my professional life, I find immense joy in giving back to the community. Volunteering with various organizations dedicated to community support like MCMH is a deeply fulfilling aspect of my life.